Memories of a trip to Neussargues

Video, 80m10, sounds, 2019

School is the heart of our villages. It ensures the preservation of a culture, a legacy, values specific to each municipality, because the school belongs to the community. If it shuts down, the village, with all its heritage and history, will die out. It is in this context and within the framework of a residency in a school environment at the Notre Dame des Oliviers school in Neussargues, in Cantal, that I produced this documentary, in the form of a narrative inquiry, with college students, NDO college teachers and Neussarguais and Neussarguaises.
The intention of the project is to storytell life stories, experiences, memories in order to preserve and forge links between Neussarguais and Neussarguaises through the personal and common history of the village. Through the testimonies, we understand better the importance of ensuring quality education in a small rural area, but also why some prefer to work in a village school or what the mayor does to provide public services to the inhabitants.