Installation 1​,

Shooting: Montreal

Installation 2,

Distribution: Paris

Real-time projection

since installation 1


Sweet box

Interactive installation 2014 work in progress-  

The principle of the installation is to project questions from the Tale (Think About Life Experience) – contextualized in artistic forms – in order to create favourable conditions for a mental journey into the heart of the autobiographical memory of the Participant.
It is all about capturing the participant’s emotion by photographing his facial expression during the reminiscence of autobiographical memories in the installation #1. Facial expression, an instant emotion, could say more than can be expressed with regards to the questions and characteristics of the Tale (functions: interpersonal, social and directive).
The portraits shown in another room – installation #2 – reflect the inner movements of the soul, the vacillations between past and present, the journey, the mental journey in places and in time, carried out by the travelling participant.